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Note: in Help senteces printed by Batch programs, parameters in "[ ]" are optional, while mandatory parameters are inside "{ }". In Help sentences of executables, mandatory parameters are inside standard "< >".

ChkEL.bat 1.01

Description: ErrorLevel checker

Program Help:
ChkEL.bat 1.01 ; on December 26, 2003 by J.Hubb

  CHKEL {ProgToBeRun} [ProgParameter [ProgParameter [...]]]

Runs the specified {ProgToBeRun} with specified parameters and
shows the errorlevel returned.

ChkLabel.bat 1.22

Description: Check labels of a batch

Program Help:
ChkLabel.bat 1.22; freeware on September 28, 2008 by J.Hubb.

  CHKLABEL {BatFileName} [/T]

Checks labels of {BatFileName} for  presence of spaces, for
uniqueness on whole length and on first 8 chars; if [/T] is
specified, then verifies if all GOTO's targets exist.

DirUtil.bat 1.0 (library)

Description: Library of directory utilities

Program Help:
DirUtil.bat 1.0; Open Source library on August 18, 2010 by J.Hubb.

  DIRUTIL {FunctionName} [FuncParam0 [FuncParam1 [...]]]

Calls the specified function {FunctionName} with optional
or requested parameters [FuncParam0], etc...
Defined functions are:
  RealPath {Path} {EnvVarName}
  Ver      {EnvVarName}

Functions description:
Function :  RealPath
Translates the specified path in an absolute one

Function :  Ver
Sets the specified variable to DirUtil version number

FileUtil.bat 1.16 (library)

Description: Library of file utilities

Program Help:
FileUtil.bat 1.16; Open Source library on November 24, 2007 by J.Hubb.

  FILEUTIL {FunctionName} [FuncParam0 [FuncParam1 [...]]]

Calls the specified function {FunctionName} with optional
or requested parameters [FuncParam0], etc...
Defined functions are:
  NewFileName {Dir} {NamePrefix} {Ext} {EnvVarName}
  ReadTextRow Open {TextFileName} {StatusEnvVarName}
              Next {StatusEnvVar} {RowEnvVarName}
              Close {StatusEnvVar}
  Ver         {EnvVarName}

Functions description:
Function :  NewFileName
Creates a new file with a non-existent name in the directory and the extension specified; the name has the format "pmmssx", where p is the specified prefix, x is a incremental letter ("a" .. "z"), mm:ss is the current timestamp; note that no other file with name "pmmssx*.%4" exists in the directory %2; the new name is returned in the specified env. variable

Function :  ReadTextRow
Opens a text file (Mode = "Open") and reads one row for each call (Mode = "Next"), storing it in the env. var. specified in %4; before exiting, the text file should be closed (Mode = "Close"); the status env. variablespecified in %4 (or %3) contains "EOF" when all the file is being read, otherwise contains temporary data

Function :  Ver
Sets the specified variable to FileUtil version number

Global.exe 1.1

Description: Repeats a Dos command in every subdirectories

Program Help:
Global.exe 1.1; freeware on March 30, 2002, 2002 by J.Hubb.

  GLOBAL [/?] [StartDir] <Command> [Parameters]

Repeats the command <Command> with its parameters  [Parameters]  in every
directory of the tree starting at the current directory or at [StartDir],
if specified. <Command> is run using the command interpreter specified in
COMSPEC variable; the visit is in pre-order.

LockFile.exe 1.0

Description: Locks a file until a key press

Program Help:
LockFile 1.0; freeware on October 22, 2001 by J.Hubb.

  LOCKFILE <FileName>

Locks the file <FileName> and wait until a key is pressed;
then the file is unlocked and the program ends. <FileName>
must already exists.

LoopOn.bat 2.03

Description: Loops a program on files in a directory

Program Help:
LoopOn.bat 2.03; freeware on November 24, 2007 by J.Hubb.

  LOOPON {Path} [/A] [/I] {ProgToBeRepeated} [ProgParameters]

Repeats the program {ProgToBeRepeated} on every entry of specified
{Path} (also with wildcards),  passing to it the complete pathname
of current file as first parameter and parameters [ProgParameters]
as  following ones.  If [/A] is used, system and hidden  files are
included in processing; if [/I] is used, some info on current file
is printed. LoopOn can be nested.

RunProg.exe 1.31

Description: Runs a program changing to its dir. and returning to the original one

Program Help:
RunProg.exe 1.3 , NC Menu support file; February 1990 by J.Hubb.

  RUNPROG <ProgToBeCalled with extension> [ProgParameters]

Calls a program without changin current directory and drive;
parts in [...] are optional.

ShowPar.exe 1.0

Description: Prints received command-line parameters

Program Help:
ShowPar.exe 1.0; freeware on July 20, 1995 by J.Hubb.

Usage: rename this program with the name of the program
       you want parameters to be traced;  these will be
       printed as follows.

Parameters are:
" /?"
Press Enter key to exit.

StrMan.exe 1.0

Description: Suite of text filters; the program StrMan just displays Helps

Program Help:
StrMan.exe 1.0; freeware on November 5, 2001 by J.Hubb.

Syntax:  STRMAN [/?|Cmd /?]

Shows this help screen when  [/?]  is specified or the help screen for the
command Cmd when [Cmd /?] is specified. [Cmd] can be (alphabetic order):
  Str2Env  <PromptStr> <EnvVariableName> [Lines] [UPPERCASE|/U]
  StrAlign <CharFiller> <FieldSize> <LEFT|RIGHT|MIDDLE>
  StrComp  <CmpStr> <SearchStr|FileName> [IGNORECASE|/I] [SKIPBLANKS|/W]
  StrDel   <StartPos> <Count>
  StrIns   <StartPos> <InsertStr|FileName>
  StrKeep  <AFTER|BEFORE> <SearchStr|FileName> [INCLUDED] [FROM StartPos]
  StrPos   <SearchStr|FileName> [FROM StartPos]
  StrRepl  <SearchStr|FileName1> <ReplaceStr|FileName2> [IGNORECASE|/I]
  StrRept  <Char> <Count>
  StrSub   <StartPos> <Count>
  StrTrim  <Char> <ALL|LEFT|RIGHT|MIDDLE StartPos>
Commands are filters working on text strings (max 255 chars); <String> and
<Char> params must be included in "";  the escape sequence $hh (hh = 2 hex
digits) can be used to include quotes or special chars (for "$" use "$$").

StrUtil.bat 1.31 (library)

Description: Library for string manipulation

Program Help:
StrUtil.bat 1.31; Open Source library on November 24, 2007 by J.Hubb.

  STRUTIL {FunctionName} [FuncParam0 [FuncParam1 [...]]]

Calls the specified function {FunctionName} with optional
or requested parameters [FuncParam0], etc...
Defined functions are:
  PromptStr {PromptStr} {EnvVarName}
  Split     {Separator} {Str} {EnvVar1Name} {EnvVar2Name}
  Str2Env   {StrFileName} {EnvVarName}
  Ver       {EnvVarName}

Functions description:
Function :  PromptStr
Prompts a string and stores the text typed by the user to an environment variable

Function :  Split
Splits a string at the first occurrence of a specified separator char and returns first (CAR) and second (CDR) part

Function :  Str2Env
Stores the first string of a text file to an environment variable

Function :  Ver
Sets the specified variable to StrUtil version number

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