Giovanni Perego
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My work

I have met Information Technology when I was 13 using programmable calculators from Texas Instruments and HP. In the following years - during High School - I stepped toward Commodore 64 and, four years later, to IBM PC architecture and then to many other platforms.

On the first college year, I started working as IT consultant, going on nowadays.

Today I have  years of experience and I work in a private Hospital in Milan (Italy). I have used and still use Open Source tools and open standards.

Below I have listed my main skills and those areas in which I work, starting from the most recent arguments. Still more details are at the end of my CV.

System administration

  • server virtualization and consolidation (project and implementation)
  • client virtualization (project and implementation)
  • thin client selection and setup
  • DBA on MySql, PostGre, Oracle
  • Linux and Windows SysAdm
  • project and implementation of large IT systems
  • software selection
  • Dos, Netware, OS/2 SysAdm


  • coordination of IT technicians
  • project management with mid-size IT teams
  • teacher at Politecnico of Milan on IT courses


  • ERP migration
  • creation of Php, Bash, AutoIt, Pascal libraries
  • project & production of LAMP or Client-Server software
  • hackering and rearranging of closed source sw


  • selection of server and client
  • SAN/NAS evaluation
  • selection of High Performance clusters

Networking & Telefony

  • device administration
  • security project and implementation

About me