Giovanni Perego
A simple web site on some software of mine


In sub-pages of this one (you can reach them using links in the right sidebar) are collected softwares, utilities and scripts I created during my work, divided for O.S. or for needed interpreter.

All works are Freeware or Open Source and they can be freely downloaded and used. For Open Source softwares, remarks and author references must be kept untouched.

Documentation for each tool is really reduced; anyway each tool listed has a brief explanation of how it can be used.
Usually, these rules are always respected:

  • if the sw is a command-line version, it prints a Help sentence when called with no parameter or with standard Help parameter (“/?”, “/help”, “-h”, “--help”)
  • if the sw is a windowed version, it displays a Help dialog when called with standard Help parameter (“/?”, “/help”, “-h”, “--help”)
  • if the sw has a main window, it shows its Help pressing F1
  • if the sw is a library, its usage is detailed in its Header section and procedures and functions explanations can be found immediately after their definition; for libraries, test and sample programs are listed and downloadable with main source file

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